Here at Garlick Garden Machinery, we are one of the areas leading suppliers of Husqvarna Automower®, the world leaders in robotic mowing since 1995. We have a full team dedicated to helping you choose the best Robotic mower for your lawn, and offer a complete service from sale to installation and set up, as well as aftercare.

Husqvarna is the market leader when it comes to autonomous mowing with their Automower® range. They have a solution for all green spaces, from residential small back gardens to entire commercial golf courses. With features including GPS assisted navigation, swing tip blades and narrow passage handling, to name a few, there is an Automower® to suit every lawn.

With the huge variety of Automower® to suit all lawns why wouldn’t you want one! With fantastic features including no grass clippings to collect and dispose of, low noise and will even go cutting in the rain. They effortlessly manage complex lawns, with narrow passage ways and steep slopes. Save yourself time and energy and reap the benefits of Automower® to have a lush green lawn and be the envy of all your neighbours.

On our most recent installation, our customer had just under 5000sqm of lawn which they had previously mown twice a week with a ride on lawnmower for the past 25 years!

After a site survey, we agreed that the Husqvarna Automower® 450X model would be most suitable for the job. With GPS assisted navigation, a run time of nearly 4.5 hours, and a faster mowing speed than the smaller models, this would be more than up to the job to offer a fine finish on this beautiful lawn.

After agreeing the sale of an Automower®, our customer required a professional install to ensure the
mower worked as efficiently as possible. We use a specially designed cable laying machine, which drills a groove into the lawn and lays the boundary wire behind it as you go around the area. This buries the cable to a depth of around 2 inches, depending on the ground conditions, which in turn helps to avoid any potential breaks in the cable, either with it being caught by a strimmer or rodents chewing through it. This efficient way of laying the cable allows for a tidy install, with any scars on the lawn healing over very quickly, so you soon won’t even notice we had been there.

After completing the cable laying and setting up the Automower®, we always offer a full run through,
and set up with the customer, as many of the mowers make use of the fantastic ‘Automower®
Connect’ app, allowing you to control and set up your mower wherever you are in the world, as well
as notifying you if any faults occur with the mower.

With this happy customer now watching their lawn being effortlessly maintained, without them having to lift a finger, we will get in touch on a yearly basis to offer them service reminders and also be on hand to deal with any issues that may occur, and supply any spares needed to keep their Automower® running efficiently.

If you are interested in a Husqvarna Automower® for your lawn, please view them on our website, which will provide more information on the different models available. If you require our installation service, which we offer within a 75 mile radius of our Preston base, please fill in the form on the Automower® page with your information and we will be in touch with you to arrange a suitable time to carry out a site survey.

Free up time to spend doing something you enjoy and GO AUTOMOWER®.