Now more than ever battery tools seem to be moving their way into our industry at and extremely rapid pace. We have seen a huge uptake in battery powered hand tools, with benefits including low noise, low vibration and longer run times than expected in most tools. However when it comes to ride on mowers customer demand has been some what slower….until now.

Many customers are very interested in changing their ride on mowers and looking at a battery alternative, but when certain questions were being asked, people became a lot more hesitant to commit. Cost factors played its part, the ride on being considerably more expensive than its petrol equivalent, and the inevitable question, how much is a replacement battery pack if it fails when out of warranty, when we suggested to the customer it may equate to roughly half the price of the original cost of the mower, supplied and fitted, sadly that pretty much put the final nail in the coffin and the customer stuck to trusty petrol ride ons. However we finally have a solution for those looking to go green!

The Ego Z6 zero turn ride on mower is not only powerful, offering the equivalent of 22hp, the run time is also excellent. With a complete pack of batteries ( 6 x 12Ah ) you can cut up to 2.5 acres on a single charge! The industries first modular battery system not only allows you to utilise your batteries from your existing Ego tools, it also allows for easy replacement in the future if required. Rather than replacing a complete battery pack and paying for workshop labour to fit it, you can simply replace the failed battery unit and clip it in and out yourself. We feel this is a huge bonus to the end user giving this mower a much longer lifespan at a more realistic cost. The rapid charger means this mower has minimal down time and is the perfect solution for any customer looking to go battery.

We could go into lots of technical spec on the Z6 but you can click the link to the buying page below to find out more details on that, but to put your minds at ease, this has been our best selling Ride On Mower this year outselling all other comparative petrol models.

Click here to view Ego Z6