Bronze Package

Provide all details below of your garden and our engineers will recommend which robot could be suitable

Silver package

Provide below indepth details of your gardens size, layout, obstacles and our engineers will recommend which robot and installation kit maybe suitable for you to self-install. 


Gold package

Provide all details below, our engineers will call to discuss booking a physical or virtual site survey.  Site survey will involve assessing the area’s size and layout and any obstacles that may affect the operation of the automower. Once the survey is complete; we will then be able to provide a Non obligation quote for a suitable robot with install. Once agreed we will book a date for installation. During installation our engineers will arrive and install the boundary wire underground, using our state-of-the-art cable lining machine, and setup up the Automower to your liking, making sure the automower is functioning correctly. You will then be shown how the robot operates, before running through any queries you may have on how to use the automower.

    Do you have an external electrical wall socket near your lawn?

    Please upload photos of your lawn in JPEG or PNG format...